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This isn’t your ordinary gym and these aren’t your ordinary gym owners. They are like family and only want to see you improve your health through proper exercise and nutrition that is right for you. They will encourage you to be a better version of yourself. They aren’t just my trainers they are my family and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!! So if you're looking for a place to push you and hold you accountable to be a healthier you, and to be part of a BIG family, you should contact them today!!

Cheryl N.

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Hands down the best gym I've ever been to! The atmosphere is great, and everyone has been awesome and friendly. The way they train families is really cool and you can see their passion. The competitive lifting aspect is my favorite part of Spark. My Olympic weightlifting has improved like crazy since my time here. If you want an amazing place to train look no further.

Mychael H.

Spark is amazing!!! I was Intimidated by the thought of going to a free weight gym which keep me away for a while, but after much debate, I went for the free workout and fell in love with spark. The coaches guide you with each step of the workout and make sure you are doing it right to avoid injury. They see your potential when you walk in the door and help open your eyes so you can see it yourself. Since going to Spark I have become stronger, gained new friends, and self-confidence.

Leslie C.

Awesome place! Family oriented and open to members of all ages. Great for athletes but also awesome for anyone try to tone up, get stronger, or loose weight. Knowledgeable coaches that cater the workout to your abilities.

Linda L.

My daughter is a rising 9th grade basketball and volleyball player. She just finished the three month Athletic Performance package. She loved going to Spark and has shown tremendous strength, agility and plyometric gains!!! The personal attention and motivation she received from the trainers truly inspired her to continue her efforts for strength and agility improvements. She loved seeing the results each time which motivated her to continue to work even harder. Brealon was great to work with and the personal attention we received was outstanding. I would definitely recommend Spark to anyone!! My daughter looks forward to continue to train at Spark to become a better athlete for her high school career!

Misty B.

I've been at Spark since August of 2015 and it's the best place I found for what training I wanted to do. Not only is it for people like me (ie powerlifters) but it's also for anyone interested in getting fit.

Will M.

This is not just your ordinary gym where you walk in and get on a machine an direct yourself. These guys work with you and help you to make sure you are doing things right for what you need! Workouts change daily so it prevents you from reaching a plateau. I would recommend to anyone that is not getting what they need from an ordinary gym work out!

Tammy M.

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An amazing facility. A friendly atmosphere.Definitely the best gym my wife and I have been too. The workouts are challenging. The coaches (Brealon, Nathan, and Will) are awesome. They push you at the right times, they make sure, above all else, that your technique and form is correct to prevent injuries. We highly recommend Spark Fitness.

Zeus R.

Semi-Private Training near King

I have now been a member of Spark for almost 5 months. I have been very impressed with my results. I have joined other gyms in the past and they do not even compare to Spark. I love the set up! They have awesome equipment! The workouts are challenging and I get results day in and day out! The owners are friendly and professional! My fitness level and health have totally transformed in the past 5 months. If you aren't a member of Spark you are missing out on great coaching and guaranteed results!

Jessie W.

Semi-Private Training near King

Spark is a one of a kind gym. From the second you walk in the door you feel a part of the family there. They write challenging workouts that are individualized to help each person reach their goals. They are constantly monitoring you during your workout to offer advice or the extra push you need to get through it. Not only do they encourage you and push you towards your goals, they celebrate with you when you crush your goal. Spark is not like any other gym I have been in. These guys truly care about each person who walks through the door and want the best for them. If you haven’t given Spark a try you really are missing out!

Maggie N.

Spark is an amazing facility! The staff is so helpful and knowledgeable. I always do way more than I think I can thanks to their encouragement. If you have fitness goals that you think are unattainable, please come join me at Spark! Brealon, Nathan and Will are always there to guide and encourage anyone with the desire to become more physically fit!

Shelly G.

Semi-Private Training near King

Absolutely hands down the best gym. Everyone from the employees to the members encourage you to be your best. This is a gym for everyone. I’m pushing 50 and had never lifted weights in my life and now can see myself getting stronger. And it’s not all about weights. It’s a great blend of strength training along with a total body workout. They will also help you with setting goals to lose weight. So glad I found this place.

Jon C.

Spark Athletic Performance is a one of a kind training facility. The trainers in this gym care about the individual and not a large group of people. The training is individualized to each members needs and they are there with support and a lot of knowledge to help reach your goals. I have not only become a member of this establishment but have sent several of my athletes from my high school volleyball program and can say that I have been able to see great results in a short amount of time. If you are looking for a gym to join with great trainers and a great community of members, look no further.

Jordan S.

Fitness Training near King

Overall best gym I've ever been to! I have killed my personal records in all my lifts with the help of these guys! I have gained velocity on my fastball and have gotten stronger overall! Anyone looking to lose weight or just get stronger overall for athletic performance or etc. This is the best gym to go to!

Cameron A.

Spark is an awesome gym! You will not find a more accommodating gym. You get a lot of guidance to ensure your form is correct. Brealon, Nathan, and Will adjust workouts to meet your individual needs. I would highly recommend this gym!

Amber W.

Really enjoy working out at Spark Athletic Performance. The atmosphere is warm and the guys are friendly and helpful. I really like that my children can hang out (doing their own thing) while I work out. Also I've met everyone that I work out--that family vibe is nice at a gym.

Paige B.

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