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  • Advantages Of A Professional Strength And Conditioning Coach

    Advantages Of A Professional Strength And Conditioning Coach

    Advantages of a professional strength and conditioning coach
    A sport coach knows how to coach their respective sport whether it’s soccer, field hockey, football, etc. but not necessarily how to enhance athletic performance through a speed, strength and conditioning programming. Schools do their student-athletes a disservice if they do not hire a credentialed and educated strength coach. You want people who understand the science and how to properly apply it. This is a pivotal time in a student-athlete's life to establish safe and effective training practices, not only for improved performance and sport-related injury reduction, but for lifelong health and fitness. We ....

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  • Increase Your Vertical With These 5 Exercises

    Increase Your Vertical With These 5 Exercises

    Increase your Vertical with these 5 exercises
    Let’s face it, every athlete in the entire world wants to jump higher and rightfully so! Jumping leads to many advantages in sports whether you are a volleyball player and need to go up for a block or you are a baseball player robbing someone of a home run. Often times just another inch or two can be the difference between a Division 1 offer and a Division 2 offer. So, what are the best ways to increase your vertical so that you can start getting those Division 1 offers right away? There is no magic pill, but the following 5 exercises are essential to any athlete trying to jump higher! 1. Snap Down (Force Absorption) The snap ....

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  • Should you be Playing Showcase Baseball?

    Every year after school lets out, we hear about kids playing travel baseball and flocking to every showcase tournament they can find to be “seen” by college and professional scouts. Showcase baseball sounds like the perfect opportunity to get your kid in front of some high-level coaches and possibly get recruited to play at the next level. Parents are willing to throw as much money as they can afford to something that promises to help get their kids to the next level. This is where showcases come into play. They charge somewhere between $600-$1500 to put your kids in front of several college coaches and promise an evaluation on the player and their status in recruitment. Of ....

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  • Community

    Spark is family and we are committed to the community! Weare strong in our passion withstaying active to support great causes. Below is a list of upcoming and previous events Spark has or will be taken part of
    Toys For Tots November - December 2018
    Help make a local child's Christmas special! Drop off unwrapped toys at Spark up until Christmas! Stay Tuned for a big announcement!
    KingFest June 2nd, 2018
    Our biggest event yet! We had over 150 participants try out obstacle course! 15 people completed the course and received a free month of training at Spark!
    Stokes County Agricultural Fair September 11-13th, 2018
    We debuted " The Spark Challenge" at the 2018 ....

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  • Do I Need Supplements?

    Do I Need Supplements?

    Nutrition hasn’t changed and unfortunately neither has the industry. The cold hard truths from the last millennium are still true today. As an example of this, I recently came across a very good write-up from the Texan’s strength and conditioning team Roberta Anding R.D., Dan Riley, and Ray Wright. This was made in the late 1990’s but it’s just as relevant today as it was then. Even though this was written for NFL players I believe everyone can benefit from reading this. Supplements/Health Foods
    Today the health food industry is a multi-million dollar business. Why? Money, money, money. More fraud and half-truths exist in the area of nutrition than in any other ....

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  • The TRUTH About Free Weights

    The TRUTH About Free Weights

    A recent news story came out warning people of the increased risk of injury and pain due to certain styles of weight training. They warn against strength training with barbells, lifting heavy weights, and performing specific movements. They have also discouraged people over the age of 50 from doing these activities. Personally, I would advocate that the older you get, the more important strength training becomes. People love to see articles like this. It gives them an excuse to stay out of the gym. These articles warning against barbell and strength training are doing a huge disservice to people. Barbell training, and specifically strength training, is not inherently bad or dangerous, it ....

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  • Will I Really See Results From a 12 Week Program?

    Will I Really See Results From a 12 Week Program?

    If you have ever searched around for an exercise program or gym membership for just a few minutes, you will start to notice a trend. Most programs that offer to get you “jacked”, “shredded”, “lean”, or a “summer 6-pack” are 12-weeks long. One of the appeals to using a 3 month program is that it fits nicely into someone’s calendar and with the changes in the seasons. It is also is a fairly well tested and applied length of time for programming that is long enough to see some considerable changes, but also short enough to make adjustments to the program once you have adapted to that specific program's goal. Another vital aspect to this ....

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  • The Clean – The Importance of Learning The Front Squat First!

    The Clean – The Importance of Learning The Front Squat First!

    The clean can be one of the best movements for developing explosion there is if taught correctly. Yes, there are alternatives that can be used but each have their own drawbacks. Cleans are also one of the most misunderstood and time-consuming exercises to teach. To properly teach a clean understanding the purpose and different movement patterns associated with the clean is a must. Contrary to what seems to be popular teaching practices it's a lot more than just lifting a barbell up to your chest. It's a step by step process and if you try to overload someone with the whole movement all at once most of the time it will be too much for them to process and they will just ....

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  • Should You Be Doing Power Cleans?

    Should You Be Doing Power Cleans?

    Power cleans are one of the most widely used exercises when it comes to developing athletes. You will see athletes at all levels and ages taking advantage of the benefits of this movement. The issue with this movement is that it takes a qualified coach and a lot of time to perfect. So why do we take the necessary time to teach clean instead of doing other exercises? Here are three major reasons to incorporate the power clean into your strength regimen. 1. Rate of Force Development
    Rate of force development (RFD) is a measure of explosive strength or how quickly someone is able to produce force. A higher RFD correlates with better performance on the field. The power clean is one of ....

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  • Try Something New

    Try Something New

    Coming into the gym and only doing the bare minimum just doesn't cut it. From a lazy powerlifter that thought it would suffice to only do the minimum I learned the hard way. I went from PRs to plateaus real quick. It all changed when I gave up on doing my own thing and started doing a program based inside the Conjugate method written by Burley Hawk. Now it was variations of Squat, Bench, and Deadlift that turned into to weekly PRs. Now a little information on the Conjugate Method, Popularised by Louie Simmons at his fabled Westside Barbell. The Conjugate Method was originally designed by the Dynamo Sports Club in Soviet Russia in the late 60’s/early 70’s . Louie Simmons ....

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