Frequently Asked Questions

What is semi-private training?

SFP operates on a 5:1 client to coach ratio on the gym floor at any given moment. While
clients are not specifically assigned to coaches in a one-on-one format, all exercises and
movements will be supervised during a typical training session. The first couple of weeks at the
start of the program will be particularly coaching-intensive. You will soon become familiar with
the training and environment as you slowly transition to function within a 5:1 coach to client

How long is the initial session?

The initial session usually takes about 60 minutes complete. We ask that you kindly show up
around 10 minutes prior to your appointment time in order to fill in your information at the
kiosk desk.

What should I bring?

All you need to bring are some comfortable workout clothes and plenty of water. Also, a legal
guardian if you’re under the age of 18

What if I have never lifted a weight before?

Are you a beginner or do you occasionally get on a treadmill or elliptical, but you’ve never
actually lifted weights before? Don’t worry, we all start somewhere; you’re not going to be
thrown to the wolves. We will ease you into our programs, and before you know it you will be
lifting weights like a pro.

Sports Performance Specific Questions

What do you mean by preparing for the next level?

When athletes go to a Division 1 level college training takes a whole new level. It's no longer
about just putting time on the field, a large portion of your work is done in the gym. Having
trained athletes at Appalachian State, Wake Forest University, and Winston Salem State, we
know how to prepare you for this leap as well as giving you an advantage on all your

How old do you need to be?

We start training kids as early as 8 years old. While they will not be lifting any heavy weight at
this age, it is a great time to get their mobility patterns set to give them a head start later.
Staying flexible and adding some strength is going to keep them from having injuries down the
road. Also, it is easier to teach mobility patterns at an early age than to fix incorrect form later.

Will I leave with a program on day one after the initial session?

No, you will be given a program after your evaluation has been completed.

Are parents expected to participate?

Parents are encouraged to join us at the front desk as we have our initial discussions. We kindly
ask that parents then transition to our waiting area once we transition to the warm up and
training portion of the session. We will the rejoin the parents after the session for the follow
up discussions.

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