Advantages Of A Professional Strength And Conditioning Coach

Advantages Of A Professional Strength And Conditioning Coach

Advantages of a professional strength and conditioning coach

A sport coach knows how to coach their respective sport whether it’s soccer, field hockey, football, etc. but not necessarily how to enhance athletic performance through a speed, strength and conditioning programming.  Schools do their student-athletes a disservice if they do not hire a credentialed and educated strength coach. You want people who understand the science and how to properly apply it. This is a pivotal time in a student-athlete's life to establish safe and effective training practices, not only for improved performance and sport-related injury reduction, but for lifelong health and fitness. We don’t just teach but also inform, so the athletes know everything that we do is a practical application. We always make sure to tell them why. Why are we doing lateral band walks? To activate the glutes, so we can keep those knees tracking over the ankles. We film them and show them their movements to give them a visual of what we are trying to achieve. And it's bigger than just working out or throwing weight on a bar. You want to develop them from the ground up — foundational development — and I mean to a point where you want them to understand that we're going to build a connection first and then we’re going to teach you the ins and outs of training properly. Once a kid trusts you, they'll work hard. If they work hard and apply themselves to a process, they get stronger, they get faster, they get better, there's less injury. You're building not only better athletes, but better people.

At major universities having a specialized strength and conditioning coach is a necessity instead of an option.  High schools however, have lagged far behind in this standard.  Some of it is due to cost and some of it is due to just being uninformed of the advantages a professional strength and conditioning coach can bring to the team.  Because of this, athletes transitioning from high school to collegiate level sports often find themselves behind as soon as they start unless they have gone to an outside organization during their time in high school.  After you’re accepted you get evaluated by the strength and conditioning coaches.  If you are weak and/or can’t perform a squat and clean correctly you are automatically downgraded. 

This is where Spark comes in.   With experience working with division 1 colleges we know the expectations going in and can get your athletes prepared for the next level. 

Benefits of Spark Training

Improve long-term athletic development: We understand the many variables that go into designing training age–appropriate program and can produce documented positive results.

Improve performance: Athletes who participate in a well-designed strength and conditioning program will be faster, stronger, more powerful, move more efficiently, and be more athletic than they would be without it.

Improve confidence: Athletes who invest time in strength and conditioning tend to develop confidence through desired changes in their body composition, increased physical literacy, and the knowledge that the development that occurred because of their training prepares them for competition.

Improve health: In addition to increasing muscular strength, power, and endurance, regular participation in a youth resistance training program may positively affect many health- and fitness-related measures and alleviate many adverse health-related conditions

Reduce injuries: A qualified strength and conditioning professional can play a pivotal role in preparing young athletes for sport, and thereby minimize or offset the incidence and severity of sport-related injuries common to young athletes.  Some schools have seen injury rates decrease as much as 75% after incorporating strength training.

Increase professionalism and safety: For the same reason schools require a certified athletic trainer to work with their injured athletes or a certified lifeguard on pool decks, the same should be true for the coach who is designing and supervising the strength and conditioning program.

Due diligence: All our trainers demonstrates due diligence in properly equipping athletes for the physical and mental demands of a particular sport and establishes a greater commitment to injury prevention.

Gender and Sport Specific: Our programs are sport and gender-specific.  We understand the differences between sports and our training reflects that. 

To find out more about how Spark can improve your athletic program contact us at or call us at (336) 414-4461. 

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