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Here at Spark, we are a family and when you join our team you become a part of this family. This relationship goes well beyond just lifting weights. Our success is based on your success. Seeing you perform and improve is what drives us to do what we do. The number one goal of Spark is injury prevention. This means our plans are not just about getting you in shape; we work with technique and consciously develop our programs to prevent injuries.


Spark Athletic Performance is a training facility founded by Brealon Ashworth and Nathan Long out of their passion for fitness and athletic training. At Spark, we strive to provide the best training available for everyone regardless of their goals. ​

Our Mission

Whether you want to be able to dead lift a mountain, get faster and quicker than you’ve ever been before, or finally make that New Year’s resolution to drop some weight a reality, we have you covered. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry; we are not the typical gym where you may seem to get lost in the sea of machinery as people stare at you. As stated before, we are a family and we strive to make sure you feel welcome in our gym. Even if you’re taking a group class, we make sure to give you one-on-one guidance. Talk to us about your goals and how we can help you achieve them. We’d love to help you because it’s your success that drives us to do what we do! ​

A Focus on Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation.

Injuries can derail a fitness routine. Sadly, because it's not flashy this gets overlooked by most trainers just so they can add more weight to a bar to make you think you're getting better. Sadly, not only is this not helping you but it can also lead to injuries. At spark, not only do we know how to help rehab old injuries but we also know how to catch them before they start. When your body has a weakness, it gives you clues while you're training. If not corrected, continuous training will not only be ineffective but it can also lead to increasing the chances of having a major injury later. Some trainers may choose to just ignore it or cut your range of motion short but this is just sweeping a problem under the rug. Once we identify an issue we want to fix it if possible before proceeding. Our goal is to give you a foundation for you to build on for the rest of your life!

Core Principals

​There are four core principles that Spark prides itself on to help our members: Education, safe body and free weight training, variation, and family.


At Spark you’re family and we care about every member that walks in the door. That's why we do more than just run you through a workout. We not only work with you to teach proper techniques, but we also educate you as to why we do the workout. We take the time to teach you about the myths and scams in the fitness industry. Just because someone advertises something as a healthy snack, is it? What type of diet should I be doing? All of these are questions we'd love to talk with you about while you're there. Have questions or see a workout somewhere you'd like to try? Ask us!

Body and Free Weight Training

Why free weights? The key here is functional movements. Although there are new and innovative machines coming out every month, we feel that the most effective workouts are done with body weight and free weights. Free weights allow your body to move naturally while machines have fixed movement patterns. Using natural movements allows your body to strengthen every muscle while machines often only work the larger muscles. At Spark, we take the time to start you with body weight movements and slowly add weight as you progress to keep challenging you! Without challenge you just start to maintain instead of improve.


The truth is, no matter how effective a workout is, after a period of time your body will adjust and you will start to maintain rather than improve. Know someone who goes to the gym but never seems to make any progress? Or maybe they run everyday but after an initial period they just don't seem to be improving anymore. It's typically because they are doing the same thing over and over. With our programing your workouts are constantly evolving and changing as you progress. We eliminate the plateau most people hit after a few months of training.


The greatest value we hold is our commitment to creating a family. It's why we put so much focus on our other core values and bring them all together. When you come in we want you to feel like more than just another person walking in our door. We want you to feel welcome and encouraged. All the members at Spark are willing to offer their help and encouragement to each other. Some days you just don't feel like working out. It happens to all of us but we're here to help push you through those days. This is really what makes working out at Spark so much more than just getting in shape.

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