Try Something New

Try Something New

Coming into the gym and only doing the bare minimum just doesn't cut it. From a lazy powerlifter that thought it would suffice to only do the minimum I learned the hard way. I went from PRs to plateaus real quick. It all changed when I gave up on doing my own thing and started doing a program based inside the Conjugate method written by Burley Hawk. Now it was variations of Squat, Bench, and Deadlift that turned into to weekly PRs.

Now a little information on the Conjugate Method, Popularised by Louie Simmons at his fabled Westside Barbell. The Conjugate Method was originally designed by the Dynamo Sports Club in Soviet Russia in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Louie Simmons however made his Westside Conjugate based originally on his influences from powerlifters such as Larry Pacifico and Vince Anello. It was later when the soviet training manuals were made available in the US that Louie integrated a mix of Bulgarian and Russian training techniques into his programming.

How the training does is on a 4 day split. Your first day being a lower body max effort day. This being your heavy day when you train above 85% on a variation of the squat (usually banded) or deadlift (usually from a deficit). Same goes for your second day usually after a rest day with your upper body, my favorite being a banded close grip bench. Then after a rest day you would do a dynamic effort lower body workout. Switching to a higher amount of sets with lighter weight (from 55%-65%) focusing on speed and form rather than heavy weight. Then finish with an upper body dynamic effort workout

Now what brought me to the Conjugate Method was a mix of friends, articles, and so forth that made me want to try it. I was just not ready to undertake and try and make my own program until I did Burley Hawk’s free program. It kept me disciplined to understand what I needed to get better while also keeping my interest by varying the lifts and hitting records a lot more often. Now I will say that this system of training is not meant for everyone. In fact I wouldn't recommend this as a first program. I've trained since I was 13 and this will be only my 1st year training conjugate in June.

My final thoughts being that, Trying something new in your training is not gonna hurt. This just happened to be the way I wanted to train and allowed me to have a little more variety and more intensity. Even if it’s crazy conjugate it still has a place in within the training world.

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