Consistency is Key!

Consistency is Key!

Consistency is one of the most if not the most talked about things at Spark Fitness and Performace. Often times we are talking about diet and/or exercise when we discuss consistency. How do some people seem to be getting these awesome results from their training and nutrition while others spin their wheels for years, constantly getting results and then losing them. Is it genetics? Are they following a superior diet? Maybe their training is better?

No. No. No.

The missing ingredient for most people is consistency. You see, it’s not some superior way of dieting or training that gives people results. We’ve known how to eat and train for decades now, there’s nothing new or groundbreaking about it. Anyone who tries to sell you a “new scientific way to melt fat off” is lying to you. The scientific method is a calorie deficit.

You need to lose 40 pounds of fat? Establish regular exercise habits and eat more whole foods (avoiding packaged foods is a good start). It seems like a monumental task but look at it from the perspective of a year:

You establish two amazing habits: exercising regularly and eating better. Thanks to them, you steadily lose fat and even though the changes may seem small and insignificant now, the weeks add up and changes become big.

Lets Say, you’ve replaced some of the junk you eat with whole foods. Naturally, that leads to eating fewer total calories. You establish a caloric deficit and start losing 1 pound per week. In 20 weeks, that’s 20 pounds. In 50 weeks, that’s 50 pounds. And it doesn’t take changing your entire lifestyle to start, small changes do the job (small tweaks to the way of eating and regular exercise). Sure, you’ll have to tweak stuff here and there as weight loss is never linear, but don’t get lost in the details. Start and establish the habits first.

The solution to your fitness goals are relatively simple, pick a plan that you are able to stick to and run with it. Don’t think that you have to completely change how you are living. Make small changes that can be sustained and add in exercise.

How does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

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