Why you need more PROTEIN!

Why you need more PROTEIN!

Every time you go to the gym, you have a goal in mind that you are working towards achieving. You may be trying to lose weight and get healthier, maintain your fitness, or increase your performance both in the gym and out on the field as an athlete. The journey towards achieving your fitness goals is not an easy or short one, but one that requires dedication, routine and a combination of strategies to make it work. Sure, exercising daily at the gym will do the job, but, adding protein-rich foods into your fitness plan will double how much you get out of the procedure. Here is a rundown that should help you make your effort in the gym pay off sooner than later.

Proteins and healthy weight loss

Shedding the excess weight is often the first step towards achieving health fitness and good physical shape in the gym. It is also one of the toughest stages to get through. A high protein lower carbohydrate diet is an effective way to quickly break down excess fat in the body. Here’s how:

  • When on a caloric deficit diet that is required to lose weight your body is burning fat and muscle at the same time. Maintaining and adequate protein intake slows down the burning of muscle and helps you maintain the lean muscle.
  • Eating more protein alone will not help you lose weight. Adding protein to a strength training program will allow your body to repair the muscle that is broken down during exercise and build back stronger. This also is advantageous because the stronger and bigger your muscles are, the more calories you burn at rest which in turn helps you lose weight.
  • Proteins generally require more energy from the body to break down. Its high TEF (thermic effect of food) burns more calories compared to carbohydrates.

Proteins and Bodybuilding

Protein is a macronutrient that is essential for optimum muscle growth and repair. It is made up of amino acids that are the building blocks of body muscles.

  • When your body has a sufficient supply of protein, it is put in a state of positive nitrogen balance (or anabolic state) which allows and promotes muscle growth1. Although there isn't enough data that definitively says how much protein the body can absorb at a time, bodybuilders who consume 30-40g of protein per meal have seen quick recovery and growth of muscles.
  • It is recommended that you increase your protein intake on your workout days. A high protein snack such as a protein bar right after intense training (when your muscles are sensitive) will aid in repairing and growing muscle

Proteins and Athlete Performance

The last thing any endurance athlete is looking for is unwanted weight gain and muscle growth. Despite the misconceptions, proteins play a major role in the body of an athlete both in the gym and on the field.

  • Athletes who are frequently on the field need sizeable amounts of protein for maintenance, growth, and repair of lean muscle mass.
  • The body's optimum immune function also depends on protein intake and is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the endurance athlete.
  • A high protein intake will shorten recovery time and increase performance and endurance – a feature much treasured by athletes.
  • Athletes need protein to repair existing muscle tissue which is experiencing constant breakdown due to regular training.

Incorporating more protein into your diet will ease you through your process of healthy weight loss, muscle building, and increased performance.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to improve any aspect of your body, then piling up on the protein is the way to go. After all, they improve not only your body’s appearance but also how you feel and perform.


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