Improve your workout results with these 6 steps!

 Improve your workout results with these 6 steps!

Need a boost to your workout? Feel like you're stuck in a plateau and just not getting what you expected out of your workout? Try implementing these simple 6 steps into you workout and watch your body transform.

Add in Complex Movements

Adding in complex movements into your workout such as squats, deadlifts, and standing military press require you to use multiple muscle groups making your workouts much more efficient and driving your heart rate up as well. If done correctly there is not a machine or another exercise that can give you more bang for your buck. Also, you're performing functional movements that will help you in real life. Contrary to belief, if done correctly you're not any more likely to get injured performing these exercises than exercising with machines. In reality these can go a long way for injury prevention. The reason they have got a bad rep is because few people know how or spend the time to train the movements properly. It's easier for a trainer to throw you on a machine than it is to take several sessions working with you on form. If you're interested in incorporating these lifts into your workout make sure you take the time to learn proper form or work with a competent trainer to teach you how. A few quick tips. Never use a smith machine, stay away from a bar pad and belts, perform a full range of motion, and sacrifice weight for form. Want to learn how to find a good trainer? Take a look at How to Find a Trainer. Also, if you see their clients doing this stay away.

Breakaway from Machines

Machines make people comfortable because they're fairly simple to understand and use. Unless you're these people. However machines target very specific muscles. Unless you're a bodybuilder competing in shows and really need to make sure you focus on a specific part of a muscle you're really not doing yourself any favors. By switching over to free weight accessories it makes you have to control stability as well as moving the weight engaging more muscles and making you work harder. After all that's why we're in the gym in the first place right?

Variety is key. Add some spice to your life.

Ever see that person who comes in the gym every day, hops on an elliptical for 30 minutes, and then goes home? Except for maybe when they first started do you ever see their body transform? The answer is probably not and the reason is that your body adapts. If you do the same exercises in the same order over and over again your body adapts to this work and you begin to just maintain instead of improving. Don't let this happen to you. Confuse it and you're body is going to ask what in the world is going on? This doesn't necessarily mean you have to switch every single exercise you're doing but try throwing in a different number of sets and different number of reps. Throw in some new exercises once in a while to give your body a taste of something new.

Form, Form, Form

I can't stress this one enough. We all want to get the most out of every minute we're in the gym and why do an exercise if you're not getting the most out of it. Can you throw a bunch of weight on and cheat? Sure. Will you see results? Maybe, but you'll see a lot more if you focus on control and going through a full range of motion. When you cheat on form you take key muscle groups out of your exercise. For example when you quarter squat (squatting above parallel) you never engage your full quad muscle. Yes you can do more weight but what good is it doing you? None unless your goal is to snap your knees.

Increase your effort and make goalsAre you in a full sweat after your workout or do you go home just barely breathing hard? If you're not challenging yourself you're not improving yourself. Could I have went a little heavier with that squat? Where those tricep pushdowns easy? Could I have done one more round of that metcon? If you're asking yourself these questions during your workout the answer is probably yes and you need to challenge yourself more. Make sure you don't get stuck doing the same thing over and over again by setting yourself a goal to reach. Even if you don't meet it in the time you wanted as long as you're making progress it means your pushing yourself that little bit further every time. Of course there are days when we drag ourselves into the gym and it's all we got to just go through the movements but that shouldn't be every day. When you finish with the gym you should go home feeling like you just gave everything you had.

Nutrition is key

While I saved this for last it is probably the most important thing you do. If you don't feed your body correctly how can you expect it to change? You don't expect a car to run if you never put gas in it do you? Your body needs the proper nutrients in order to function at its peak. Sadly this is one of the more complicated areas and there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there. As well as a lot of companies trying to get rich. Contrary to what all the supplement companies tell you there is not a magic pill out there that is going to make you loose 30lbs (healthily anyway). Most weight-loss pills, drinks, shakes, etc. are just gimmicks. Also, most of them only make you loose water weight which is A. Unhealthy and B. you will gain right back as soon as you stop taking them. Others suppress your appetite. While this may make you loose weight if you're not eating properly your doing damage to your whole body. The other common one are so called metabolism boosters. Guaranteed to make your heart feel like it's going to come out of your chest. Is it going to make you burn more calories during the day? Probably a few. Is it going to make you loose weight? Not really, especially by itself. The trick with all these supplements you'll see a little note that says with proper diet and exercise. Now I'm not saying it doesn't work at all. If you take these while following a proper diet and exercise program you may loose 2.5lbs in a week instead of 2.3lbs but the majority of your weight-loss is from the diet and exercise not the magic pill so save your money and get yourself a good trainer.

In summary do complex movements, try to stay away from machines, change it up, pay attention to form, put in effort, and eat right. It really is that simple and if you follow all these steps you should see a difference in the way yourself. So get out there, have fun, challenge yourself, and live healthy!

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