Reach the Next Level.

You want to reach the Next Level in your sport.
We want to help you do it.

Spark Fitness & Performance is the only gym in the area offering customized sport-specific training plans for athletes of all ages.

Whether it’s becoming a collegiate athlete, reaching the All-Conference team, or making your next travel team, we understand how hard it is to reach your full potential and are here to help you get there.

Personal Instruction

Customized Plans

Individual Goal Tracking

Reaching the Next Level requires you to be elite.

At Spark, we build elite athletes.

Our Sports Performance Training program is tailored to meet your unique developmental needs. We start as young as age 10 and train all the way through college.

Become the elite athlete you want to be with our Sports Performance Training system.

Start your training today at the area’s only gym dedicated to helping you reach the Next Level.


Spark Sports Performance Training Athletes have gone on to play at:

In high school, I just wanted to get as big as possible.

But once I got to college, I quickly learned body building is not sports performance. Just getting bigger and stronger wasn’t what I needed to perform my best. I needed specific training geared towards what I do.

Spark Sports Performance is the closest thing to the training we do in college. It allows me to continue making progress in the off-season so I can perform better each season. They take time to learn my goals, evaluate where I am currently, and then create a plan to help me reach the next level.

After only a few weeks, I’m already seeing an increase in my performance on the field and know it will only get better from here.

AJ Wilson
Pitcher, Charlotte 49ers

Becoming the athlete you want to be starts with learning where you are today.

1. Free Consultation

We’ll learn where you are currently, what your goals are, and determine what you need to get there.

2. Get A Plan

With your goals in mind, we’ll create a custom training plan around your sport to help you reach them.

3. Reach Your Full Potential

We teach you what you need and guide you through the training as you reach the next level in your sport.

No two sports use the same movements.

Spark is the only gym to customize your plan based on your sport, your position, and what you need to improve on to reach the next level.

Your workouts will consist of:


Strength, power, and athletic explosion


Speed, agility, and lateral movement


Foundational strength


Conditioning and endurance


Healthy, sustainable nutrition strategies


Proven injury prevention techniques

You’re a Next Level athlete.

Let us help you train so you can reach your full potential.